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Welcome to the third edition of Elevate – the Digital Health edition. Digital health really transects all points and all components of the value-based health care enterprise – the engine driving it forward. The industry’s ultimate potential in tapping digital health to transform patient care hinges on embracing new shifts in culture and business strategy.

Succeeding in the digital health arena requires a different skill set than what has been traditional in pharma and healthcare settings. As the healthcare landscape evolves, pharmaceutical companies are being driven to embrace new, unique partnerships to create not just drugs, but holistic solutions. Scaling these solutions to meet the needs of entire healthcare systems is one of the great challenges for the future.

Managing population health relies on data and analytics to identify patients in need of care and predict disease progression, prognosis, the likelihood of hospital admission or an emergency department visit, and more, and ultimately allowing earlier intervention. While fresh ideas are critical, the creative thinking and culture that builds and sustains the infrastructure essential to innovation is often overlooked.

In the current value-conscious environment, senior leadership is looking increasingly to Medical Affairs. MSLs in particular are evolving from a complementary field role to an indispensable resource for helping determine clinical value. To be truly valuable, Medical Affairs needs to move beyond being simply a bridge to become a strategic value-driver, connecting the dots to bring creative, innovative above-brand solutions to the fore.

In “Digital Health: The Road Ahead for Medical Affairs,” CMO and Head of Medical Affairs & Pharmacovigilance at Bayer, Mike Devoy discusses Medical Affairs’ unique understanding of how value can be created and delivered, and the key role it plays in developing the evidence and solutions around that value in collaboration with internal and external partners.

In “Partnering in a Digital Age,” Niko Andre, Head of Global Medical Affairs at Roche discusses the mindset behind successful digital collaborations and the future role of MA as a key value contributor across the life cycle.

In “RWE & The Transformational Role of Digital Health” Dr Rajni Aneja, MIT Connection Science Fellow, discusses the need for Medical leaders to be strategists in the context of the digital health revolution and emphasizes the need to be comfortable with organizational transformation and leading change.

In “How to Reframe Strategy and Compete on Outcomes,” John Singer, Global Head of Health Industry Strategy, Innovation and Technology at Wipro, elaborates on why Medical Affairs need to drive “big design” thinking to create value in the new outcomes-based healthcare world.

In “Medical Affairs: Future Custodians of Digital Health,” Alex Butler, Founder of Foundry3 discusses why Medical is uniquely equipped to lead digital development.

In “Two Faces of the Digital Health Revolution,” two tech experts Shafi Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer at Medical Realities and John Nosta, Founder of NostaLab, offer their vision for how digital will shape healthcare going forward.

This edition sees the launch of MAPS Elevate Poscast Series. In Episode 1: The Strategic Potential of Digital Health, we hear from three disparate voices - Host John Pracyk, Worldwide Integrated Leader,  DePuy Synthes is joined by John Singer, Global Head of Strategy, Innovation and Technology Health Business Unit at Wipro’s Health Business Unit and Manish Bharara, Senior Manager, Global Clinical Affairs, Siemens Healthineers. The promise and potential of digital health is tantalisingly within grasp, yet illusive still when it comes to adoption at scale. Up for discussion: The current state of affairs; Role of data ownership; Scale or lack thereof; Innovation vs renovation?

Finally, in SELF: “Self Awareness: How to Deepen your Insight and See the Blind Spots that Could be Holding you Back” we decode self-awareness – the best approach to self-analysis to avoid being trapped looking in the rear-view mirror – and how to find and fix your blindspots.

We have strived to create an immersive content experience, filled with actionable insights, inspirational leadership and intelligent commentary, spurring Medical organizations to greater productivity and value creation.

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