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Welcome to the first edition of Elevate - a dedicated magazine FOR Medical Affairs BY Medical Affairs. With a mission to live up to our name, we aim to elevate and empower the Medical Affairs professional to shape the future of healthcare. Elevate is the first industry-led publication solely devoted to the Medical Affairs professional.

According to Sanofi’s Group Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ameet Nathwani who we interviewed, Medical Affairs is now at a tipping point as a function. “We either prove our innovative value by adapting to and addressing the external changes happening in healthcare and our industry, or we will continue to remain a mainly support function. There’s a lot to do.”

MAPS’ vision for Medical Affairs is for the function to be a powerhouse within the organization that delivers new opportunities and addresses the challenges of an evolving healthcare ecosystem. Elevate is part of realizing that vision, highlighting the roadmap forward and where we need to get to.

In the Rise & Rise of Medical, Nathwani discusses the need to define and measure our contribution, and why we need to join together as a community to shape the future of healthcare.

In Resilient Leadership: Lessons From The Everest, we delve into resilience as a crucial component of effective leadership with Irish hotelier and youth mental health charity founder, John Burke as he shares his epic Everest story.

In Rebuilding Patient Trust, Danie du Plessis, former SVP and Head of Worldwide Medical Affairs, GSK, discusses rebuilding trust with the patient and the new capabilities Medical will need to master to bring a full strategic perspective to the boardroom - with patient interest at its core.

In Patient Engagement in Medicines R&D: The Need to Measure ‘Return on Engagement’, Mathieu Boudes, coordinator of the public-private partnership PARADIGM at European Patients’ Forum reports on their efforts to create a framework for patient engagement in medicines R&D and the imperative to measure “Return on Engagement” if we are ever to see patient engagement as the norm, rather than the exception.

We have strived to create an immersive content experience, filled with actionable insights, inspirational leadership and intelligent commentary, spurring Medical organizations to greater productivity and value creation.

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Deirdre Coleman,

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