About MAPS Hire

MAPS’ mission is to advance the Medical Affairs professional and support their careers from entry level to senior leadership positions. As part of that mission, we’re launching MAPS Hire, a career hub dedicated to the Medical Affairs community. MAPS Hire aims to smooth the process for hiring managers and talent acquisition leaders to identify and engage Medical Affairs professionals.

Through our software platform and supported solutions, we make it easier for those looking to make Medical Affairs hires to quickly identify the universe of relevant candidates for a role and engage relevant candidates – and only those candidates – in a creative way.

We know that the most qualified candidates are likely inundated with messages and calls regarding potential jobs, most of which may not be a good fit for them. How do we increase the likelihood we are contacting people for relevant opportunities? More importantly, how does a biopharma make their Medical Affairs opportunity stand out to the best candidates?

Here’s how MAPS Hire is poised to help:

• We will regularly share the most exciting Medical Affairs job opportunities with the Medical Affairs professionals that rely on us for “what’s news” in Medical Affairs.

• Through our supported solutions, we will develop social media campaigns to highlight the unique differentiators of your company and the role for which you are hiring to ensure that the most qualified candidates are warmed to your brand and ideas before they are specifically contacted for the role.

Our optimized search and sourcing tools, targeted job promotions, and high visibility employer branding services reduce the time to hire hard to reach talent pools. We are excited to work with our members and the extended Medical Affairs community to create the marketplace for Medical Affairs talent.

To learn more about MAPS Hire visit https://www.medicalaffairs.org/maps-hire/