Conversations with Medical Affairs leaders who are redefining Medical Affairs to be an agent of change within the life sciences industry.

Episode 1: The Strategic Potential of Digital Health

Up for discussion is:

• The current state of affairs:

• Role of data ownership

• Scale or lack thereof

• Innovation vs renovation?

• Novel Models: Louisiana Seeking Netflix-Like Subscription Model

Digital health technologies are constantly evolving and developing so the term “digital health adoption” is somewhat of a misnomer. But in terms of progression, where are we at as an industry?

Are we still at “pilot-stage” or are we making inroads?

We’re moving from talking about features and benefits

of the product to the impact and outcomes

of the product - to really providing integrated solutions.

Where are we on this evolutionary path to value-based

out-comes, and co-creating solutions?

Manish Bharara, Senior Manager, Global Clinical Affairs, Siemens Healthineers looks at value stream mapping and the industrialization of healthcare to maximize the value for health stakeholders.

What needs to happen for the true potential of digital health data to be unleashed?

What role do we see for Medical Affairs as the innovators, the creatives in terms of the digital health space?

John Singer, Global Head of Strategy, Innovation & Technology, Health Business Unit, Wipro elaborates on novel models in the value-based outcomes space including the state of Louisiana exploring a ‘Netflix’-like subscription model for purchasing Hepatitis C drugs.